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Looking Ahead
July 2016
July 3
Mithridatums and Theriacs: Toxicology and Brand Recognition in the Roman World | Preliminary Talk: The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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Sunday Series

More details about this talk will be available soon.

Preliminary talk: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) by .

Previous Sunday Series Lectures

Notice of Public Lecture: Shakespeare's Romans

On Sunday June 5, the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry together with the Friends of Antiquity are hosting a public lecture and film screening on Shakespeare's Romans, forming part of the ... [Read more]

When is a Tyrant not a Tyrant? Mary Stocks' Hail Nero!

Mary Stocks' 1933 play, Hail Nero!: A Reinterpretation of History in Three Acts, offers a very different portrait of the emperor Nero from that of the ancient sources. He is not, Stocks posits, a tyra ... [Read more]

Preliminary talk: Megalithic Monuments of the Orkney Islands by Mr Jack Taylor.

Augustus and Time
Sunday April 3
Augustus and Time by Associate Professor Tom Hillard

Augustus transformed Rome ("I found a city of brick and left a city of marble") and its political system. But Rome wasn't re-built in a day. "Hasten slowly" was a favourite saying ... [Read more]

Preliminary talk: UQ Student Travel Reports by various speakers.

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