Three drug jars for mithridatum.
Forgan Smith (building 1), The University of Queensland, St Lucia
Venue: Forgan Smith (building 1), The University of Queensland, St Lucia.

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Mithridatums and Theriacs: Toxicology and Brand Recognition in the Roman World

'Mithridatum' - a prophylactic compound which protected its consumer from all poisons and venoms, named after its inventor, King Mithridates of Pontus. When Pompey discovered Mithridates' recipe it consisted of walnuts, figs, rue, and salt, but within a century there were numerous compounds named the same consisting of more than fifty ingredients and costing significant amounts of money. Mithridates evolved from enemy of the state of Rome to a pharmacological brand name, and looking at these various Mithridatums illustrates not just ancient toxicology, but branding as pre-existing the modern social phenomenon we experience each day.