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Before Gallipoli: Classical Archaeology and Geography of Gallipoli and the Dardanelles

Dr Birkett-Rees is Lecturer in the Centre for Ancient Cultures at Monash University, Melbourne. She is an archaeologist of the ancient Near East and a specialist in cultural landscape analyses. Her fieldwork and research have focused on the emergence and development of complex societies, and the changing relationships between humans and their environment in Turkey, South Caucasia, Africa and Australia.

The Gallipoli peninsula holds a special place in the Australian consciousness and for many of us this place is inextricably associated with the First World War land and sea battles of 1915. But the Gallipoli peninsula has a much deeper history as a place of conflict, sacrifice and commemoration. This extends to the Trojan, Persian and Peloponnesian wars described in Classical literature and provides important context for the WWI campaigns. This presentation builds on a five year archaeological survey of the Gallipoli battlefields, outlining the archaeological record of Gallipoli in the Classical period and examining the interesting connections, material and personal, between Gallipoli in antiquity and Gallipoli of 1915.