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Looking Ahead
June 2017
June 4
Hobnails and Hexameters: A Quick Run Through Roman Poetry | Preliminary Talk: AGM of Friends of Antiquity


Membership of the Friends of Antiquity is open to any interested person, but as it is a Special Interest Group of the Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland and because the Alumni Friends provide much of the FOA administrative infrastructure, it is necessary for a Friend of Antiquity also to be a member of the Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland.

Application form for membership

Please note that it has two pages. Membership of the FOA conveys some privileges not available to others, most notably a cost-free subscription to Nova, the journal of the Friends of Antiquity.

There are also benefits to members of FOA from their necessary membership of the Alumni Friends which are listed on their website (above). Probably the most valuable benefit of this required membership is a concessional rate for annual membership of the University Library.